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    We fingerprint with ink only! We only use FBI approved FD-258 fingerprinting cards



    Bklyn Mobile Fingerprinting, LLC Brooklyn's best specializing in ink fingerprinting. We are available 7 days a week. We offer after hours appointments for an additional fee. Brooklyn is our base and travel fees for locations outside of Brooklyn vary. Our fingerprinting specialists are professional, courteous and efficient. We also notarize Wills, POA, Trust, Custody Agreements etc.





    We also offer mobile notary services. Our notaries will travel to the location of your choice.



    A jurat (also known as "verification upon oath or affirmation") requires a document’s signer to swear before the notary that the document's contents are truthful. These types of notarizations are common for legal documents. When a jurat is required, you must appear in person before the notary with the document. The notary will administer an oath or affirmation that you must take, affirming the statements are true.



    An acknowledgment ensures the identity of the signer. A signer will declare to a notary officer that they are willingly signing a document. For a notary to perform an acknowledgment, you must appear in person.





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  • Confirmation and Fees

    • Full payment is required to confirm all appointments.

    • There is a $30.00 charge per additional card.
  • Our Policies

    What To Bring

    • All clients who will be fingerprinted MUST bring a valid and current picture ID. This can be a state issued ID, driver's license, passport or military ID.
    • It is the client's responsibility to verify and ensure that the requirements of the location that the prints are being sent to.
    • Once the fingerprints are processed, you will be given the completed fingerprint cards to take with you and your service is complete.



    Full payment is due at least two hours prior to the scheduled fingerprinting appointment. We accept debit/credit and PayPal. Our techs do not handle any forms of payment.




    Appointments canceled within one hour of scheduled appointment time will be billed for travel fees if located outside of Brooklyn. If located in Brooklyn, you will be charged half of the amount billed for fingerprinting services. The remaining balance will be refunded within two business days.




    If you fail to show for your appointment, you automatically forfeit your appointment and payment. If you would like to reschedule, you will be required to include a non-refundable deposit in addition to the cost of the prints to be paid in full.


    Rejected Fingerprints

    Though it is rare, occasionally fingerprints are rejected or are deemed unusable. We will redo the fingerprints free of charge within 30 days from the original appointment with documentation and receipt of the rejected fingerprints notice.

  • Hours of Operation

    Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM-9:00 PM

    Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM-9:00 PM

    After Hours: Additional $200




  • Service Request Form

    Don't forget to tell us; 1. How many cards you will need if any. 2. Location


    Please include how many sets you need and where you are located:)